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Problem melden

Last Breath Songtext

Your life will pass before you
Reflection that remind you
When you're taking your last breath
There are no disbelievers
Atheists or blasphemers
When you see that it's your death

Don't think there's good or evil
That saves or corrupts people
You think it's all up in my head
Don't think there's hell or heaven
Think life by chance was given
But you'll realize when you're dead

It's such a shame
To think when we die
There's no place to go
In the ground we will lie
There's no atheists
In a fox hole
When we face our death
We believe in our soul

Try to explain
The beginning of time
With science or physics
Or a logical line
Saying we can't pledge
Our flag in our schools
Because the mention of God
Breaks the rules

No one is saying
To practice religion
But we all know there are

Other dimensions
So when we die
The truth will be said
But so many of us
Won't learn until we're dead

Think God was all created
To cope with the world's belated
You think it's all an acient trend
Think life is our only existence
Disbelieve with full resistance
But death is a beginning not an end
Georgina Fleur: „Ja, ich erwarte ein Kind“
Vor 2 Tagen
Georgina Fleur: „Ja, ich erwarte ein Kind“
Uwe Ochsenknecht: „Männerbilder sind albern und blöd“
Vor 2 Tagen
Uwe Ochsenknecht: „Männerbilder sind albern und blöd“

Album Thrash Ranch (1990)

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Jersey Dogs - Last Breath
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