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Cruel Little Number Songtext

Well she's got a twenty on a scale of ten
Walking on an edge that's razor thin
One in a million from her head to her toes
Hole in her heart where the next man's money goes

She's a cruel little number, wild little weed
Mama's little princess, daddys bad seed
Mind of a maniac, she's breakin' all the rules
Cruel little number, why do you have to be so cruel

She ain't tight with the ladies, she don't kiss and tell
She want a black mercedes, 500 SEL
She knows the scent of money, don't want a check in the mail
She blew the price of love right of the end of the scale


Her heart can't be broken,
Because it's stainless steel
You can beg, you can bargain,
But she's never gonna cut you a deal

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Roger Waters zeigt Mark Zuckerberg die kalte Schulter
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Jeff Healey Band - Cruel Little Number
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