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New World Order Songtext

I always wonder even though I believe everything is meant to be
When life go up and down it's not only fate but responsibility
Why do we do the same mistakes over and over again
Whwn already at the first time we cause so many problems

In this new world order
Guide and protect us Jah Holy Father
In this new world order
Shine on my way fe cross every border
Cause love a mi power

Well we know Jah could a never dead him
Couldn't dead and done
He lives in the hearts of all man the stone that the builder refuse shall be the headcornerstone hold unto your faith and be strong

Sometimes when I think back to the days, when I was a young boy in youthful ways bring back all of them memories come the sign when Jah set me free but down inna Babylon racial seperating taking place where has the love gone where it all begun

Mistry Babylon me I come fe destroy thy plan
And a then whipe way the heathen chase dem out a di land
Instead on a solid foundation you build your house upon sand
Well de wicked man a go tremble when de rastaman chant
Dem a dealn with the wrong conception so then gwan end up ina them own frustation revolutionary we a di younger generation there's no love inna dem heart so the bound haffe go down

Everyday day can bring a whole new situation
Sometimes dissapointment then again sweetest surprise
When I come down rely and concentrate will I be able and ready to face the truth behind the fate
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„Eine Katastrophe“: Bill und Tom Kaulitz ereilt Schock-Nachricht
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Jahcoustix - New World Order
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