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Torture Songtext

It was on a street so evil
So bad,that even hell disowned it
Every single step was trouble for the fool,who stumbled on it
Eyes within'the dark were watchin'
I felt the sudden chill of danger
Something told me keep on walkin'
Told me,I should not have gone there

Baby,but you cut me like a knife without your love in my life
I'm out,I'm walkin'the night 'cause I just can't stop this feelin'
It's torture!It's torture!It's torture!

She was up a stair to nowhere,a room forever I'll remember
She said as though I should have know her
Tell me,what's your pain or pleasure
Every little thing you find here
Is simply for the thrill you're after
Loneliness or hearts on fire,I am here to serve all masters

She said,reality is a knife,when there's no love in your life
Unmerciful is the night,when you just can't stop this feelin'-
It's torture!It's torture!It's torture!

And I still can't find the meaning,no,no,of the face I keep on sseing
Was she real or am I dreaming?
Did the sound of your name turn a wheel,strike a flame in me?
It's torture!It's torture!It's torture!...
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Jacksons - Torture
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