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Danger Is the Shame Songtext
von IRIS

Strange replies
Falling in from every odd direction
Truth and lies
Come together on the lines
And cut off my connection

I'm receiving final indication
I'm aware my time is simply running out
I'm next in line to see the fountain
Come to rest or enter light

I'm wading out to sea
To love the same as you
Don't say I'm all surrender
Even though you know it's true
The danger is the shame
With things that I can't tame
Danger is the shame

I lie stunned
No one breathing here can fool the sirens
Slowly I
Press my hands into the sky
And slam like an anchor to the sand

Any life that I have run to
Could be ending blindly in a silver light
And if my lies to myself return
Then I'm sure that is no surprise
Fragen über IRIS
Wie lange blüht eine Iris?
Wann Iris schneiden?
Wie pflege ich Iris?
Ist die Iris winterhart?

Album Disconnect (1999)

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IRIS - Danger Is the Shame
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