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Sledgehammer! Songtext

I got a passion for spitting
Smashing the competition
Vocals the logo for the back-to-back world champion Pistons
Flesh is biodegradable
People ego deflatable
See no evil and play the role?
I'm Peter Gabriel
With a sledgehammer
Red handed
Bled stanzas
Set standards
Dedicated to Dilla, Proof, Abel Meeropol, Fannie Lou Hamer, Marlon Riggs
Nina, and Fred Hampton
There goes the neighborhood like
Fred Sanford next door to Ned Flanders
These cats pop off at the mouth like Orville Redenbacher
My lyrics open up the portal to your seven chakras
Helicopters circling
Watch the exchange of Betty Crocker
Soap operas inventing drama
Prevent it
Remember Nakba
SMASH various barriers
Bury us under road blocks
You don't get it. Get it yet? Do you?
The struggle don't stop
It don't quit
Worldwide winning with style like Globetrotters
Don't try this at home
If you stuck in time with broke watches

SMASH the walls of hate
End it for the next descendants
Watching em fall from grace
Repping for the independents
Futuristic sound
You just missed it now
Present with the essence
To evolve, put it all at stake
(You don't pay attention man)
That's why your power is the size of your attention span
Dilla said it best: (You don't pay attention man)
That's why your respect's the size of your attention span

Its fresh air when I'm speaking to y'all
Sometimes it falls upon deaf ears like I'm speaking to walls
I ain't preaching to y'all
Breaking cycles of violence
Not repeating they flaws
Open up your memory bank
I got the key to the vault
Serving the antidote to Alzheimer's
Delete and install
Ginkgo biloba think it over
We the leaders we've all been waiting for
Believe it
Heed the call
Breathe it
Keeping involved
These lyrics heat seekers
Deplete tweeters til the speakers dissolve
"Each generation must find its mission, fulfill or betray it."
I know that ours is more than just being killers or players
Or making millions of papers
Our blood is spilling
They hate us
Too much injustice among us to sit still n complacent
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Invincible - Sledgehammer!
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