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Inner Circle - Reggae Music Is Life Songtext

Reggae music is life
Reggae music is life
Selector play it dub wise
Can you fell the vibe

Something happen when you
Push the button
All the love start flowing
I see my people dancing

Dancing till you never stop
Dancing on the mountain top
Dancing til you never stop
Keep on spinning like a top

Reggae music is life...

That's the way we play
Dj's chanting everyday
Ask me a question
I'll tell you read revelation

Dancing till you...

Reggae music is life...

Throw your fears away
Give jah your love everyday
It's gonna get real hot
Rasta jammin on the box

Dancing till you...

Reggae music is life...

Jammin in london, new york, sweden, finland, rio, you know, all over the world

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