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How U Livin Songtext

Hay tell me how ya livin hay

Them a watch we ya kno
We no watch them ya kno
Them worry bout we no worry bout them
Bun like sun ya kno
Wet like rain ya kno
Long time we a roots
We no jus come stem
I speak them brain a leak
Never see me turning ms other cheek
Not this week or even next week
Cause I know the earth will in hert the meek

Fo real thats what she wrote
Foreal we fire them smoke
Foreal so the God aint no joke
Foreal my people can cope

Dont praise the *** ya know
Watch me now
Dont praise the ***ya know
Bend pick up no soap ya know
Do good for people like ma name was good
Aint no surprise ya know
Ghetto youth rise ya know
Wont hang ma self
If ya give me nuff rope
Realize fool ya must be wise
While ya makin noise
I done collect prize
Is how we live
Build ma own bridge
Boy like me carry water in sieve

Foreal thats what she wrote

Tell me how ya livin
Soljie what ya got givin
Tell me how ya livin
Wha cha got givin hay
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Dschungelcamp: Janina muss gehen
Danni Büchner soll Sohels Sohn nicht kennenlernen
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Danni Büchner soll Sohels Sohn nicht kennenlernen

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