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I'm Not so Tough Lyrics

I can almost read your mind,
It's running fast, out of control
You're afraid of what you'll find,
If you get too close
You imagine I don't care,
You see awlls that just aren't there
You think I'm too strong to let you in
Well that's just not fair

I'm not so tough, I 'll call your bluff
And let you see a side of me
That wants you here and cries real tears
And needs someone to love
I'm not so tough

I know that you've been hurt before
Well so have I what can you do
That doesn't mean you close the door
So stop blamin' me, I don't blame you
I'm not some ghost from your past
The one who tore you heart in half
I'm not her, it's not my fault you're holding on to that

- Chorus -
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