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Idina Menzel - Follow If You Lead Songtext

In this jury
There are peddlers and disbelievers
In this fountain
There are silver dollars and penniless creatures

It's your gravity and your hot air balloons
That keep you real and dare to dream with you
That when they pull you too far
You must learn to forgive and ask your heart
Will I lose a friend
Striving to contend?
Will I destroy this trust
When I want the best for us?
Should I hold your hand
No matter what you plan?
For every hour you need
I will follow if you lead

In this home
There is family and just familiar faces
In this pilgrimage
We disavow our brothers and confide in strangers


Would you have believed
That the earth was flat or round?
Would you have bet you lived ebfore
Or is this your first time around?
Do you believe we're here to learn?
Do you dream in black or white
Or are you coloring your lost and found
To make it bright?

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