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Danny Boy, Danny Boy Songtext

What I want to know is what we gonna do
Just through your hand in the air
Who in the house the house of pain
Pecker wood,peckerwood
Tell me a tail please do explain why your skins so pale
And your so funky know how could that be that a bird in a tree on the TLP
It's the Irish Intellect no one dissrespect it
Or shit will get hecktic real quick
This is the house of pain(pain)
And Pain is one thing we're cause we know we got
Style and fashion
I smokes the hashen
Smacking up girls like cosmo creshen
Danny'boy danny'boy the pipes are calling
I thought you wasn't with but know you all in
Thats right damn skippy you can't get with me
I run a whole track and leave ya three laps back
Chop sewy don't do me no good I gotta have corned beef and cabbage if I'm
Gonna manage
I never eat pig but I'll fuck up a potato
I'm not a dago but pasta's all that
My pockets stay phat so step the fuck back
You want to move on me you better bring it on me
I rip shit daily ask my man Tom baily
I'm rocking the clock as if I was bill haily
I'm clocking my glock and I got my shalaily
So watch your lady cause I'm
Dannyboy,you know its dannydoy-X3

Danny boy dan danny boy(through the back ground)
Danny boy these pipes these pipes there calling from glen to glen and down
The mountain side
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House Of Pain - Danny Boy, Danny Boy
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