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Ten past six Songtext

Sangria red when it's hot....chamomile for the cold...
By the river or on the porch
Always a taste of something colorful
Trading bread and words across the table
A small one smashing shells just below
A dancer teasing all the treetops
To the right and the left, something colorful

You don't need to ask what time it is
Cuz ever since I've been with you, babe,
It's always ten past six...

Sometimes your ground is so soft everywhere
Sometimes it's just the way it goes
Through the steam where the water met the air
You helped me to find something colorful

And she said, ?You know, we both walk the same line
And at the end of the road, you know what we are gonna find.
Just keep eyes wide each stop along that road
And I know that we'll find something colorful.?
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House of glass - Ten past six
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