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Problem melden

On The Iliad Songtext
von Hades

Sitting on the sands of foreign shores
What will it take to make you see the light
Yesterday's patronizing tears
To prove the gods, wrong or right

The road to ancient prophecies is long
When will everyobdy sing your song
Fearful foes emerging from the past
We're marching on to Iliad at last
See the battles strewn upon the floor
Hear the cries of victory and pain
Twice this day your future lies ahead
Painful suffering amidst a gain

Priam's cities sees it's heroes fall
Into your hands, what does this mean
Egos surging like a demon spawned
Mind engulfed in a fog-crested dream
Fragen über Hades
Ist Hades böse?
Wer ist der Sohn von Hades?
Warum ist Hades kein olympischer Gott?
Was ist die Unterwelt?
Hades - On The Iliad
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