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The Deep Water Songtext
von H

You are the deep water
You are the thin ice
The edge of the high cliff
And the November fires
You are my church bells
And the silent early hours
You are the ghost I hear
Echo in the half-light
Ecstacy and heart failure
Trembling and pounding in the magic spell
You are my wild flower and my wishing well
The spinning cut crystal above my bed
That dazzles and jabs me
Indigo blue and postbox red
I run away anda way and away from you and everyone
But you hide in all the places I try to hide
I make believe I make excuses I make fun
But you hide in all the places I try to hide
Oh my love
I know what I am
A lost cause
Selfish beyond forgiveness
Oh my heart
Knows what I am
A lost cause
But can you know
How my heart knows you
The shallow water running from the deep water
Running dry
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H - The Deep Water
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