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Get That Doe Songtext

F/ Chris Ward, Kyle, Poppy

Yeah, this one here, is for my go getters
This guerilla music, go get your scrilla music

This ain't the limelight, this is the street life
If you wanna eat right (get that doe)
This for my street niggas, them never get no sleep niggas
Make your ends meet nigga (get that doe)
This for my thug hoes, from my lady to club hoes
That pack a snub nose (get that doe)
This for my job niggas, too real to rob niggas
Go 'head and mob nigga (get that doe)

[Chris Ward]
Scavenger, Chris Ward I was raised that way
Live in the streets, cause it pays that way (get that doe)
Hand me the scale, so I can weigh that yay
I be here, till the night bring back day (get that doe)
The Mob is true nigga (what do you do nigga)
I got dank, drank and scratch, and I rap too nigga
You know who nigga, got wholesale on hold sale
That hold sale I hold tail, so we can (get that doe)
It take ends, to make ends
The block she'd like snake skin, cause I (get that doe)
See me conniver, stone hard survivor
Not a limo driver, but I'ma (get that doe)


Blocks I chop those, in a drop top Rolls
But I chop blocks hoe, when I (get that doe)
Supply the block O's, out of a butterscotch holds
But you can buy the block whole, when you (get that doe)
Like X-Fliles, I leave home running the white blocks
Watching out for white cops, trying to catch me with white rocks
I be between the sheets, hugging the wife cock
When I can be between the streets, hugging the white block
The price of snow, is falling like Alicia Keys
When I release the keys, the coast guard police to cease
Don't make me pull the heat, and proceed to run in your house
Put a gun in your mouth, and go (get that doe)

This for my niggas punching clocks, working 9 to 5
Cause that's how they survive (get that doe)
And this for all my chicks that strip
They work they hips, to earn they chips (get that doe)
It's in my blood to get it, show your mug while intervening
With my cream, and them slugs'll hit it
Move partna and hope to move mo' birds, than scarecrows
Feel me, till they kill me we gon (get that doe)
Just show me where the doe at, nigga I'll put fo' at
Your throwback to (get that doe)
Them brick niggas sick with the hustle, and sick with the flow
Just so you know, we gon (get that doe)


This for my block niggas, them running from the cop niggas
With rocks up in they socks, trying to (get that doe)
This for my go-getters, them range feet of snow niggas
That brown until your thoed niggas (get that doe)
And at the home, the circles are sown, my pockets are swolled
It's fourth and goal, and a nigga on parole
I got hard like goose with it, don't adjutate the critics
I cock back and hit it, and make you (get that doe)
And if I'm fed up, I'll make the lead up
With two up in your edge up to (get that doe)
My bullets will touch you, bucka bucka
And rusha, your melicular structure (get that doe)


Get that doe - 2x
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H.A.W.K. - Get That Doe
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