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Don't you hear my heart whisper thru your window, Emaline?
It's a lovely night, Emaline, to meander with me,
Have you told your friends,
Have you told your people, Emaline?
Hurry up and write them a line
'Bout a weddin' to be,
In the church there's an old bell ringer,
Just waitin' for the time when I place a ring around your finger,
Makin' you mine,
All I do is pray for that Sunday mornin' sun to shine,
When I promenade down the line

Album Sunshine Guitar

Guy Mitchell
  1. 1.
    Sunshine Guitar
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    Meet the Sun Halfway
  4. 4.
    Fun and Fancy Free
  5. 5.
    Ridin' Around in the Rain
  6. 6.
    I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams
  7. 7.
    Everybody Loves a Lover
  8. 8.
    My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
  9. 9.
    Silver Moon Upon the Golden Sands
  10. 10.
    My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time
  11. 11.
    (Did You Ever Get) That Feeling in the Moonlight
  12. 12.
    Zip-A-Dee Do-Dah
  13. 13.
    Ninety Nine Years
  14. 14.
    Singing the Blues
  15. 15.
    Knee Deep in the Blues
  16. 16.
    Rock a Billy
  17. 17.
    Heartaches by the Number
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