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Guster - Ruby Falls Songtext

Where do we go from here?
The road through Ruby Falls has reached the end
And now we're digging in the sand
They're promising that help is on the way

Love, confession number one
Impossible and sorry
And judge, can you look the other way?
Some things are best unsaid

And now where can we go from here
When all the morning birds have gone away
Two wrongs won't navigate tonight
The afterlife is all in the end
The afterlife is ours in the end

Love, don't look me in the eye
Just wash it all down
And judge, can you let me run away
We're outta here, straight outta here

Somewhere down buried in the sand
Two birds give out a song
And all of Ruby Falls is singin' along

Sing along...

(...gone and turned away (?))
(...gonna make you pay (?))
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