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Grease - Sandy Songtext

Stranded at the drive-in. Branded a fool.
What will they say monday at school?

Sandy, can't you see - I'm in misery?
We made a start. Now we're apart.
There's nothig left for me.
Love has flown. All alone, I sit and wonder w-h-y,
Oh why, you left me
Oh Sandy.

Oh Sandy, maybe, someday, when highschool is done,
Somehow, someway, our two worlds will be one.
In heaven forever and ever we will be.
Oh please say you'll stay,
Oh Sandy!

(gesprochen: Oh, Sandy!
My darlin', you hurt me real bad. You know it's true.
But, baby, you gotta believe me when I say, I'm helpless without you.)
Love has flown. All alone, I sit and wonder why,
Oh why, you left me
Oh Sandy, Sandy, Sandy, Why-y-y-y-e, oh
Sandy . . .
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