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Violent Man Lovesong Songtext

You paint a lonely mood
But if I may say so I say this coming
From miles ago
And as the sirens sing
I think it's fair to say you're hurting
Well I'm hurting too

As for me, I won't let you down
I won't turf you out, I will do you proud

I earn a decent wage
I could control my rage when fighting
I will win for you
And I could drive you around
And I could hold back your hair while you were
Sick on my new suede shoes

I've been telling stories, stories about you
I've been forging memories, the way dictators do
The way you taught me to

I have a picture of you
Within a frame of gold leaf but the glass has gone
I threw it to the floor
That time when we were fighting
But you weren't these
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Kim Gloss: Darum musste sie in eine Klinik
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