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I Can't Wait Songtext

Looking back now the summer of '88
When hardcore was young and the shows were great
The sky was the limit, the world was our stage
The future so bright we had to wear shades

I can't wait until two thousand ten
So we can relearn these songs and play them again and again!

I long for the days after we've had our fun
When we will look back on what we have done
We'll remember the dreams and all that it meant
But all the memories in the world, they can't pay the rent

Two thousand one: we'll call it quits the band will be done
Two thousand two: we'll sell our discography to you
Two thousand three: we'll sit back and we'll count our money
Two thousand four: two words ?Reunion tour?!
Heidi Klum: So steht Leni zu ihren knappen Outfits
Vor 2 Tagen
Heidi Klum: So steht Leni zu ihren knappen Outfits
Aurora Ramazzotti: Sie ist schwanger!
Vor 2 Tagen
Aurora Ramazzotti: Sie ist schwanger!

Album On the Streets Saving the Scene From the Forces of Evil (2000)

Good Clean Fun
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    I Can't Wait
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    You Gotta Stay Positive
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    In Defense of All Life
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    Victory Records Sucks
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    Fight to Unite
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    On the Streets...
Good Clean Fun - I Can't Wait
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