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Party People Songtext

VERS 1: (4x: E, Fis ,A, E)
Party people in Wien - where have they been
Party people in Wien - what have they seen
Party people on a walk - what do they talk
Party people on stage - they'll always show the rage

CHORUS: (4x: h, G, D, A)
If there is nothing, they are sleeping deep and sound
If there is something, they are moving 'round and 'round
Give me one heart, that cannot be controlled
With bad education 'n sick society, let nobody take your soul

VERS 2: (4x: E, Fis, A, E)
Party people in Wien they're looking for the party-queen
Party people in Wien - first Bermuda, then unseen
Party people always think - what the next moment can bring
Party people are alive - they always will survive

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Glow - Party People
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