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Why? Songtext

Every morning I wake up, I hear some voices in my head.
They're telling me softly things I can never understand.
I look in the mirror, I see myself, I am lonely, I am down.
I need someone that helps me to get back on the ground.

I'm loosing, my world, when I closed my eyes.
But the only thin hat remains is the dark pain of mine.

Why can't you hear me? Can't you hear my cry?
The world is frozen, can you tell me why?
Why can't you hear me? Can't you hear my now?
We need some changes, there is no doubt.

I'm looking out of my window, I see the birds fly away.
I'm asking myself, why they don't wanna stay
I'm looking up to the moon, the moon is so sad and grey.
Still I don't know, why it all has to be this way.
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Gil - Why?
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