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Don't Turn Back Songtext

(Nino/Wicked alternating every few lines)

You want to live another day?
Don't turn back
He stopped dead in his tracks and died wack
He couldn't have made it event if his heart had heart
See he wanted to run but his legs was stone
Instead he ratted like a cheat in a shooting
All the shit he had visual while he was tootin'
He finally dumped off in a big way
See niggas was dyin' in G-A
Out of fear he made a stand with his per
All he thought about was a sawed off and his girl
If only he knew she was a scheister from the beginning
Nino he might not be lying on the ground dyin'
Doug tepped to some real niggas phony
It was in me to bust your ass homey
It was tradin' from the point of arrival
See both was killed but Jack was liable
For the life of his buster-ass friend
Who didn't know the shit he was steppin' in
I see them doctors, I seen him die slow
But Jack was fightin', he just wouldn't go
You should have seen him on the ground shakin', screamin'
Jack was schemin'
Now here's a fuckin' fact black:

You want to live another day don't turn back

Jack was nimble but not quick enough
He died in the bluff
Saw an exit ramp fast as he could
Straight dippin' like a real G should
Hell I would have did it to him like cause I was in it(?)
Cause money ain't shit if you can't spend it
See Jack escaped wit a wound to the spinal
To visions of rappin' on the vinyl
The riddle might come true after all
If this boys escaped the murder y'all
But Billy said to Don
"He was halted, no one was around, he was faulted"
I would have helped him, but I didn't
Not because I won't
It's becasue I can't
You felt great as the bullet pierced the skin
I think he knew he was dead then
West Side niggas
He ain't showin no P
How many times he shot? About 50
Heard the boy scream way in the Dec
And I found his body stuffed in a vent
Fucked nigga died wack

You want to live another day? Don't turn back

Now if I die no my niggas don't look up
Hit you hot make your whole block shut up
But Jack was wack, nobody cared
Or maybe all his niggas there was scared
My nigga Kato got shot by a punk
Hit from the back by some motherfuckin' punk
We shot two off the top so they could feel us
Don't fuck with these East Side fuckin' killers
I left him dead on the track
I got away cause I don't turn back
See I'm gonna die like the man in the movie
Snorted up a white suit and an uzi
Now like my nigga who was caught up
Tryin' to bring his scheisty girl up
I tell ya its a fact black

You want to live another day? Don't turn back
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Album Straight From the Dec (1996)

Ghetto Mafia
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Ghetto Mafia - Don't Turn Back
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