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Problem melden

Violence Feeds Violence Songtext

Do you have an answer to my question?
Why we have to kill
Do You have a solution to my problem?
Why we suffer eternally

Violence feeds violence
Let's start a holy war
Dreams become nightmares
Who's the emperor?
Some are in love with Jesus
Some make prayers to Hell
Supernatural powers
Who created them all?

There is a church everywhere
Does it have the answers?
There is a bible in every bookshelf
Does it offer the solutions?

They took my soul and made my life a disaster
It made me as I am
So I made a permanent solution to a temporary problem
I needed my fix so bad

Manslaughters made as a sacrifice to the creator
Why does man grab the gun?
Massacres or a murder made to solve all problems
But no-one can play a God
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Gandalf - Violence Feeds Violence
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