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Who Do You LoveG-Unit

G-G-G-G-G Unit

I'm that nigga, I'm the plug
I'm that nigga, I just came up on fifty pounds of bud
I'm that nigga so I pack heat
In case you niggas try to catch me on the back streets
(Say what) I'm that nigga, I'm that nigga
Got that brown bag money, stacked up seven figures
I ain't standing on the block, ho
Hit my phone and it's on, bitch, it's motherfuckin' hot, yo
Nigga snitching on me?
Got a whole clique, got 'em screamin' "S-B-O-E"
God damn it, I don't see
How a nigga fixed his mouth to say he done made me
I got beef with a ton of niggas
Not now one of them niggas ever try to run up on me
But they said they used to hold me down
And they know how I get down
Bitch, I keep that gun around me

Bitch, who do you love?
Bitch, who do you love?
Bitch, who do you love?
Bitch, who do you love?
Bitch, who do you love?

My lady banging, but ain't as cool as her cousin
We did it once, I knew the rumors were coming
She think she on to something
There ain't no love, never mattered though
Your ordinary rapper know
Stacking appetite, run the apple, ho
Ain't a nigga that can see me
13 years killing shit, a villain on your TV
Little niggas wanna be me
Beaming up on all this Cali, play around me, he graffiti

Time to ball on 'em, ready, set, hike
Do I love a bitch? Sike, suck me off or hitch-hike
Catch a nigga at the light, he gon' bitch up like a dyke
He okay then 'til he bit, ball worser than his wife
Get your head buzzed right
To the white meat on the white sheet
Mazent, we don't play that shit on my street
Couldn't walk up in the shoes that's on my feet
Ain't another real nigga like me

All kind of straps, pearl handle on the piece
With about ten off that Jimmy Henchman beef
New Corvette, switch gears fast, nigga
Leave you wet like splish splash, nigga
Run up, it's a hundred yard dash, nigga
Just ‘cause I rap don't mean I won't blast, nigga
Studio full of plaques, known as the greats
Fast money, bagging up over Versace plates

I got a shawty named Mary Jane
She got a girl named Pure Cocaine
And now you know the deal
We turned up in the trap house late night
See this the reason why a rapper still deal white
And this the Unit crew, thought I should've told you
If you a rapper in the game we should mold you
And, man, shout out my nigga Boosie, he just roll through
Eat the chicken plate, my old lady soul food
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