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Break Yoself Songtext

Turn me up
Fuck nigga
I'm tweakin', gotta make it

Break yourself, fool (break yourself)
Bought a watch and chain, tryna make yourself cool
Pussy can't protect it, you just made yourself food
Handouts from niggas, you gon' help yourself lose
Fuck the rules

If you want me better make your best move (come on, yeah)
On my block, I got stripes like a ref do (stripes)
Tape all on the scene, you seen how we left dude (left)
Gang made the news (gang-gang)
Gang gave the blues

Hangin' flag or homicide? Gang made 'em chose
Big G Herbo I'm the boss, boss I make big moves
It don't matter, take the cost off, it get sent through
He got hit, it 'posed to been a hit
Bullets went through, they ain't stick

Nigga beggin' for his life, get on the 'Gram, now they bitch
They say this and this
Hate, I'm pissy rich
I got mansions, cribs
Went through 20 whips, I bought six legit
Quarantine ain't stoppin' shit, fuck it pop my shit
Making lot of grip

I don't travel much, I told my girl, "We need a lotta trips"
Stack a lotta chips, a lotta dip
Son straight, my fam tucked, we stretch shit, my momma hip
Caddie truck with Kevlar and black tints, Obama whip
I ain't rich until I triple it
I said I ain't rich until I triple it
Jury like, point two over two but what's the difference?
Really like, went from rags to riches, shit magnificent
And I'm still grindin', labels love me, say I'm killin' it

I'm hot shit
I'm still up a ton, I'm havin' fun and I ain't drop shit
Since I dropped my album, not a single, I ain't dropped shit
I ain't in that top five, throw me in that top six
Pull up in that drop six, watch this

Waitin' on some shit soon as it drop, I hit the lot quick
I'll pull up in the newest beemer like I'm Money Mitch
Herbo brought a hunnid shooters through, he on some other shit
Lead the convoy gettin' chauffeured, I'm in that Cullinan
Niggas rap diss, addressin' me, I don't hear none of it
Bullet holes size of hula hoop, we hit his brother with
We done spinned the block and again, for the hell of it
But if this shit ain't 'bout makin' M's, it's irrelevant

We want all the smoke, gun smoke, niggas smellin' it
Dead from all this smoke, real gas, don't be inhalin' it (don't be inhalin' it)
Pussy we gon' shut your mouth forever if you tellin' it (forever)
Get away, they ain't gon' catch me never ain't no evidence
Real nigga forever, got elected like the president
Gon' be rich forever, like forever, in the present tense
Call and get a nigga nose wiped like a present sent
I might flip the black Rolls white like it's heaven sent (skrtt)

Now his tee the color peppermint
Killers with me ready, out here steppin' with a pep in it
Never gotta ask me 'bout my set because I'm reppin' it
I'ma charge 'em 50K for verses to get the records in

G Herbo
Quick freestyle
How long that was? A minute
In and out, foenem
Go, go
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G Herbo - Break Yoself
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