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Forgotten Songtext

How some gal come so star,
Yu man not even member bout har,
ANd she a come talk bout war,
Frisco Kid a gi yu something fi tell har
Look like some gal get forgotten,
Dem nuh hot again mi a wonder wah happen,
Long time mi nuh sight dem a shoppen,
Caan tell when last dem man give dem sumthin'
Verse 1:
Gal gamble and lose dem fi set up or get up,
If she nah get up she and har friend a get wet up,
Come yah suh a puff up dem face like fi Bruk Up,
Like a you a mek dem relationship a mash up,
Remember one time a di whole a dem used to gang up,
Every man dem see dem waan ketch up dem stomach,
Nutten nah gwaan mek yu nuh hear dem a flip up,
Run look fi help but dem caan get nuh back up.
Verse 2:
Yu nuh come yahh so fi dance to dem rhythm and blues,
Gal a tek man and a do it in a two's
SO you can see sey a nuff a dem confused,
Dem neva yet see you picture inn X News,
None a dem caan sey yu borrow dem shoes,
Anything dem come with tell them dem lose,
Fi ease dem stress a matterhorn dem a use.
Shania Twain: Ihr neues Album beinhaltet
Vor 24 Stunden
Shania Twain: Ihr neues Album beinhaltet "sehr offene Songtexte"
Andrej Mangold: So süß schwärmt er von seiner Freundin
Vor 4 Stunden
Andrej Mangold: So süß schwärmt er von seiner Freundin

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Frisco Kid - Forgotten
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