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Don't Talk to Me Lyrics

I don't want to be your designated driver
When it's much more fun to be passed out in the corner
I don't want to meet your girlfriend of the moment even if she's
Rich and has never been a truant
Can you listen to me closely
Unless your hearing impaired in which case you'll probably
Talk quite stupid

Don't talk to me, Don't look at me, Don't you speak again

I don't want to sleep with faeces in my bed, it's just the fuckin'
Same as what your putting in my head
I can't listen to your patronising bullshit, don't
Touch my face or I'll throw up on your cushions
I can't listen to you closely
This story's boring me to tears, could listen or just go to sleep
But what's the difference

I'll be here to the end not meaning to offend, some things I
Can't amend, you're lying to my friends, you're trying to pretend,
It's happening again...

Some people say you're not bright as such, it wouldn't be
Because you drink to much
Don't need to get that excited about the fact that you're talking
To a paralytic lout I know you want to go, there's nothing to
Delay us, except fighting the crowd in this organised chaos.
I wouldn't be surprised if you looked into my eyes and you
Didn't see a thing but I'm feeling like a king.
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