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May I have your attention please, the following is a brief introduction to
The concept of the sunshine men
Keep in mind that all instances that follow are fact and now are ??

Recently I've seen MCs comin' thru
While was at home, on my couch, watchin' the boob tube
Fightin' like a rough neck, just to stay loose
As I sat and wrote rhymes on a page like mother goose
This was the problem, results of a test
The heart of all wackness, lies rooted out west
Right smack dab inside my civilization
The hunt for an MC brings investigation
What I mean is basically there's no one
Who comes off correct and stands in the sun
Of Cal., but here comes the change up in trend
The world debut intro to the Sunshine Men

Let me explain this, clearly and plain
About the journey of the brothers who missed this train
Towards sellout
When I profile rhymes go straight out the window
We're not like regular bimbos
We're sunshine men
Just a definition of those in this hot spot who despise the system
One composed of an inferior peer group
Pollutin' the airwaves and I got the scoop
On radio, it's all about your cash flow
Pay for airplay, or you fly solo
Only one brother can come up off this
Those without talents, but big drug profits
Rap becomes a tool often used in vein
Just like a gun
When they want out of the insane lifestyle
But they want the insane pay
So they pick up a mic, yet they have nothing to say
It's a damn shame, 'cause they form the pack
Of those who represent my spot, yet they lack
The skill to get raw with words and cold shoot 'em
Stuck in the past, puttin' raps to a drum computer
Not even worried that the songs not able
'cause they got juice and hook ups at big labels
No unique-ness, no goals or dreams
No creativity's exactly how it seems
As a sunshine man, with plans and a pen in my hand
Recordin' thoughts and beats for the next man
Even those who live without a clue
I bring the truth to you, it's not new
To help my cause, the rise or inflation
The incline of western civilization
Words to enlighten and to direct
Brought to you live and correct
From Sunshine Men

Why in the world is every one down with sunshine?
None of them from here, but the attitude's clear
They stroll like kings, the big fish in a small stream
Too weak to battle so they fled the big apple
And they moved out west like old settlers
Booty MCs, no rhymes, with a swelled head
Aimin' to discover an inactive rhyme zone
Just like Columbus, they called here home
So they moved in and started a new trend
West Coast stars made from East Coast pollution
Native MCs never got the game plan
So they grabbed the trumpets and hopped in the band
But no, not me, neither I, nor D(?)
Seeks to shade from sunshine
Underneath trees of confusion
Because this illusion is grim
We choose to stay clear minded
As sunshine men
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Schwangere Sarah Engels ist geimpft
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Liam Gallagher: Es spukt!

Album To Whom It May Concern Version 2.0 (2001)

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