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Flo Rida - I Bet (feat. T-Pain) Songtext

[Chorus: T-Pain]
I bet that you can wine slow
Take it down low shawty
I bet that you can wine fast
You got all that ass on you

[Verse 1: Flo Rida]
Hey, money on deck for the dying
Make it pop for me I bet you can wine
Look back at it cause short you're too fine
Lil mama got a fatty I'm lovin ya waste line
Just like that will get them dollaz if ya wine
Twurk that nasty drop it a few times
Spot light flash me baby your my kind
A lil bit of classy workin that's fine
I like it fast I don't mind if it's slow
I got plenty of cash if you take it down low
Call it music ma just wat are you waitin for
Wat it do get it fast I'm the man with the doe
Shorty gon' get it like your ready for the pole
There's no limit thanksgivin I'm givin you bankrolls
Since your back stayin in it I see it it's all swoll
Give it just one minute I betcha you get yours

[Hook: T-Pain]
Get up off that wall
Shawty come and make it pop for me(pop for me)
And I bet you move it so good
And that's just somethin that I gots to see(somethin that I gots to see)


[Verse 2: Flo Rida]
Hey you wanna bet girl
I see you been blessed by your set girl
All that below your waste and your dress girl
I wanna know wat it look like wet girl
If your strippin while I'm tippin
Henney sippin call it big pimpin
Keep it flippin I ain't trippin
Girl dem jeans rippin cause your thick and
Ring the alarm cause lil mama your on
Duck in the truck so I take you back home
I can't even front I'm a say you da bomb
Look how you suck with that ring in ya tounge
I just wanna show em watcha waitin on
I can see ya thong I won't leave ya lone'
I won't lead ya wrong keep ya sexy grown
You already gone you already on
Sippin on patron anybody home
This ya favorite song C'mon



[Verse 3: Flo Rida]
Don't be shy shawty gon get loose
You got all that body watchu think I'm bout to do
Neva seen a hottie so stacked good as you
You set up the party make the fellas act a fool
Steady goin nuts like a can of cashews
Jigglin ya butt with them exotic tatoos
I mean it baby I'm gonna need your autograph too
Keep it penetratin shawty cause that ass be the truth
I'm so hood keep it getto for ya good
Shake ya moneymaka roll it like a back would
Do me that favor wile I be boy should
Give it to them hataz you a ten in my book
Just how I like it that's cool make it pause
Girl I'm excited on grey goose and all
I'll cause a riot getcha back up off the wall
Your killen the money right put ya hand up you a boss


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