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Teenage Head Songtext

I'm a monster
Got a revved up teenage head.
Teenage monster
California born and bred.
Half a boy and half a man
I'm half at sea and half on land, oh my

Got a woman,
She's my hopped up high school queen.
She's my woman,
She's a teenage love machine.
She knows how to turn me on
And get me high and get it on and on,
Yeah she does.

{instrumental break}

When ya' see me,
Better turn your tail and run,
'cause I'm angry
And I'll mess you up for fun.
I'm a child of atom bombs
And rotten air and Vietnams; I am you,
You are me.
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Album Yesterday's Numbers

Flamin` Groovies
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Flamin` Groovies - Teenage Head
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