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Lost Our Way Songtext

When we joined up you could see the northern lights
Dancing our future in the sky
Green, tangerine and colors no one's ever seen
To us it would never die
Someone once said every child begins the world
And stumbles toward their crown
Some will rise to the call
Some will end up with it all
Some the river it pulls them down.
And we will not bow to a crowded generation
That we followed to long thinking we were so wrong
And i won't be sleeping till the morning comes
Kiss me and i'll be safe
And they say we've made it to a golden place
But i think that we've lost our way
So i took a photograph of my hometown
Buried it with my name
Swore to the road a sort of beat redemption code
And stepped out the way i came
And we will not bow to a violent generation
That we followed to long think we were so wrong
I will follow the water line
Till i reach higher ground
I will swallow the sound
Of a million voices holding me down
And the water will follow the blood of Cain
We'll claw our way through the driving rain
And i won't look back on the miles of pain
We'll carry the stone through the driving rain
Nicole Scherzinger: Neue Musik
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Nicole Scherzinger: Neue Musik
Fighting Gravity - Lost Our Way
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