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Desires...Swimming through your mind - Desires...Of the darkest Kind - Never in your deepest dreaming Could you imagine this - It's a frightening lust your feeling a haunting sense of bliss - I'm a nightmare turned appealing, yes my love I'm all this - A package wrapped in shadows and sealed with a kiss - I have you caught up in my web - So tight you cannot move - Soon I will let you loose but first - Loyalty you must prove - For now I will be the master - But soon I'll be your slave - I'll answer all your secret prayers, the fantasies you crave - Welcome to your darkest romance - Feel the pain and pleasure mix - I grant your wish now you may rape me - Tie me up and get your fix - You stare at me all through the night - You stare with starving eyes - You've never felt like this before - With me your true love lies - You say your heart is my new home - You need my cryptic ways - Oh never have you felt like this - With me your true love stays - We'll take this romance to the grave, to the heavens above with obsessive, possessive, undying love
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Album Your Darkest Romance

Fear Cult
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Fear Cult - Your Darkest Romance
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