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Time To Die Songtext

Here comes the deathbringer.
Life was slipping through my fingers.
I lingered in dying with my man Jacob Singer.
On the ladder we met when everything I had was going bad.
Sad lyrics I was penning to my pad.
So mad, so shit, so schizo, what I had to say,
I wrapped it up like Christo.
Jigsaw puzzles I did draw to my rhymesheet.
I bet you surely wrote me off like my recordlabel did.
Back in 95, stepping through, still alive,
Living dead, bring the flavor like glutamate.
A new bait I put down to catch the crowd's attention
And bring them back to what's going on underground.
Uncrowned king, step up and test me.
I break up crews and MCs like British Royality.
Crossover shit gets unplugged, fucked up and bruised up,
Stopped with real rap's poetical power.
Check my madness at full blast.
My poisonous rhymes flow like from the wrecked Exxon Valdez.
Spreading lyrics all over and thick like an oilslick.
Put up all your ships and gimmicks - you will never stop it.
I drop shit like an enema, drop it on amateurs, check my grammar!
I'm coming slowly and certain deadly like HIV.
You see, it's your end in me, your enemy.

Goodbye, baby. It's time to die. Goodbye, you know it's time to go.

Versatile, my mad style changes.
While I flow like the T 1000 Terminator - dangerous.
Blow up spots like Scuds,
Wireless mics make red laser dots for a sure shot.
Step back, when I' mon the set and rap.
You wanna battle? Me? I'm crazy like cattle on BSE.
Rappers fade when I kick shit quick.
Cutting up weak MCs like John Bobbit's dick.
Forward they battle, for what the bloodshed? I got skills.
So you're losing their face like, oh, to psycho Lector.
Silence on the jams when I come,
Throwing a tantrum, son, I play your requiem.
When I step in, rappers on the bandwaggon are begging for life,
I beckon them goodbye, time to die.
Dropping lyrics by the megaton on your eardrum.
Here's some more you never heard of.
I'm making mommies mourn for burned and fallen sons.
My rap rips up your chest best.
This ain't paintball y'all, I'm going to war, yes.
Raw is what I'm bringing on. Step up and fight.
I'll slice you like Monty Python's Black Knight, right?
When we're through I'll leave you like a torso, crawl!
Put up your best, I'm coming fucking hardcore.
I slowdown for the showdown.
Giving a fast death to the fast-living fashion trash, clown.
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Fast Forward - Time To Die
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