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Spider Baby Songtext

Screams and moans and bats and bones
Teenage monsters in haunted homes
The ghosts on the stair
The vampires bite
Better beware, there's a full moon tonight

Cannibal spiders creep and crawl
Boys and ghouls having a ball
Frankenstein, Dracula and even the Mummy
Are sure to end up in someone's tummy

Take a fresh rodent, some toadstools and weeds
And an old owl and the young one she breeds
Mix in seven legs of an eight-legged beast
Then you are all set for a cannibal feast

Sit around the fire with the cup of brew
A fiend and a werewolf on each side of you
This cannibal orgy is strange to behold
And the maddest story ever told
Fragen über Fantômas
Wer streamt Fantomas?
Wo wurde Fantomas gedreht?
Was ist Fantomas?
Wann kommt Fantomas im Fernsehen?

Album The Director's Cut (2001)

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Fantômas - Spider Baby
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