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Unsaveable Lyrics

Hello so cool
Yeah that's all that I got from you
Tell me what in the world could I do
But leave after all that you've done to me
Now it's so easy to say I'm over you

'Cause baby I cried a little too hard, a little too long
What I thought was right was way too wrong
It's too far gone
I can't bring back the love
They just ain't enough
Unavailable, impossible, unsaveable love

Here you come tryin' to make a fool of what you've done
It's too late to say you're sorry now
Now it's your turn
Well you can't cross that bridge you've burned
You hone you're wrong
When will you learn


There's someone out there for me boy
Who thinks I'm beautiful
I've got to go
But baby I've tried, I've tried
Baby I've tried
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