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Withered Sky Songtext

Do you see
In me all the endless years
That 've marked my life and my destiny
See the time
Is flying leaving on my soul
All the signs
Of my world which is dying
And I am falling apart
In a vicious cycle
Promises and bitter laughter
The missing link of my past
Learning how far the truth is

Which is denying my life
Through the centuries
Do you feel
My soul fading away
As the time is leaving
Through my hands
Gray clouds are hiding the stars
That 's guiding my nights
In an exile land
Trapped in a withered sky
How? I will approach the sky
With my emptiness
Drawing two eyes
Looking at the void of my life
Watching all these wasted years
Trapped in withered sky
Is it death that covers my thoughts with hate?
Is it the life?
Bringing back the memories
Through the purple rain
My dreams are coming
Carrying the loneliness of my soul
Is it death that covers my thoughts with hate?
Is this the end?
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Exhumation - Withered Sky
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