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The Birds Songtext

Watched it all fall, left me at the alter
I was better off alone, left with the vultures
No pause, just blood stains runnin down the walls
I heard your high heels as your comin down the hall
I never thought id be the one to be afraid
Never in my life have I felt so much pain
So ashamed ill never be the same again
Im a ghost with no name whos heart is broken and chained
Im yesterdays news guess I didnt real the clues
Red wine, cigarettes, and cheap perfume
Looked me in the eyes, told me you would be home soon
That was janurary baby, now its almost june
I went to town yesterday, noone said a word
Its like im cursed, under a spell its like hell on earth
Couldnt break away, didnt have the courage
Now thats left is just me and the birds
GNTM: Ärger vom Freund
Vor 2 Tagen
GNTM: Ärger vom Freund
Georgina Fleur: „Ja, ich erwarte ein Kind“
Vor 1 Tag
Georgina Fleur: „Ja, ich erwarte ein Kind“
Evil Ebenezer - The Birds
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