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Opium Songtext

I believe that Jesus existed
I believe he walked the grass on which we grace
A true philosopher that brought us inspiration
But don't you get me wrong
It's not about what I believe

I could say that religion is pure evil of this world
And I understand everything
I could say that all innocence died on the day I was born
And I would blame it on the Afghans and their

Opium - extracted with a knife
Opium - nectar of life creates
The drug that keeps the world turn

In this newfound world I am born again
Far away from what I know
As my parallel universe burst into flames
I will ride once again

Rise to stare you in the eyes
Tell you that all is gone
The fear we had before
Will not return again
Nothing will be the same
Come stand by me my friend
Nothing can shake the Earth on which we stand

Side by side
To face a bitter end
And then we close our eyes
Taking our last farewell

We know we had it all
We know we did our best
And now we take the step
Into the cosmic blast that's ending all there was
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Essence - Opium
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