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E.T. Songtext
von Encore

"You could feel all the tension buildin up at the convention
As the hustlers began to arrive...
Must've been nine thousand or more that came through the door
The time was 11:55"

Uh, time speed, minutes is breath while ya'll messin wit vets
Fantasy raps, paid it dap produced it yourself
Mic melts and felt my man and understand your plan is over
Remember what I told ya, Turb stand imperial
Yard Mass material, fifty script to serial
I'm audio and visual sight, respect life
In all I've executed, chickenheads they have me suited
All tox shit, all get split
Runnin in my zone called home, hang up your chrome to praise the most high
Steady wit my aim eye, y'all really wanna try?
Hard game to digest
Next to consume chin checks
Y'all illest skip like a rec room fight
Might make then when I take it I ain't tellin anybody
Ruger rips to shottie, all of y'all is Gotti's?
Probably, you wanna be for years in rap
The only type tracks you're seein is the on you run at
And talk about your mouth, no doubt I cram your optic
This hammerball player that's eager for you to stop it
Try and chop it, I bomb squad your whole department
Then lay low like ex-cons that sell blow

My raps tore like Raptors of war
Holekost not from Toronto, the stork dropped me in Newark
I'ma catch him in the afterlife resorts
Stab his corpse wit a pitchfork
I promise I'll dismiss no survivors
Jet propeller for all the riders, who wants to battle?
We can go vocal to vocal, plus two vocals
So I can put two swords in your skull like a Oakland Raiders logo
Who's loco?
Fly MC's became extinct like the dodo, the comoto
Holekost, Storm Troopers like the Dark Force
Enter slam phrase like Vader did to Dark Emperor
MC's continuously test and not knowin
I'm top of the line like a heading, and they heading for a deading
I got pull like tug of war
So you do me for sure, standin and pause
Nail opponents to the floor like gun tame cats
Bustin slugs in night clubs
Million light bulb, imitation thugs spend in darkness
Deliver pain to your chest, message:
Don't underestimate the babyface, catch a case like an attorney, learn me
Females that figure me to be cute
Most of the acute got turned to an obstuse
This angle's adjacent, aiyyo
Complex when I flex concepts
Express a whole different definition to a mic check
Blur visions wit compositions
That killed divisions and verbal fision
He who listens can benefit
On the other hand, a man blowin hot air like the dragon
See low self an empty wagon
We keep it locked like figure fours and eight's
What I create levitates and elevates

"We proudly present"

'Core is last found, tweekin the style
Freakin speakers near you
Aketing styles be leakin the raw seekin this cause of fool
(A true grit) I eat, drink, and shit flows wildin
Think speak to rip foes wit these poison tip talents
Loungin down in the dump where punks gun bump
Dumb-dumb's slung from my tongue, keep my lungs pumped
Ducked in this curriculum, we stickin em
And sicing em, a slump, gettin em over the hump of this millennium
Who me? In 2G's I plan to move heat
Figure G's beats, it be who's the weak to lose sleep
I chose to keep my grip firm
See while you ride the dick and spit sperm
We're too deep wit the use of no lie just like the dip's perm
Spurn rock conventional wisdom, the quintessential wordsmith
Learnin in curb shit, who's turf-less
Cursed wit the earth-less flow, celestial
For merchants to purchase whole, stirctly for your console
We control this whole globe
Divided by thirds, protect and serve with
Preferated thought, I'm torn from the fold
Scorn cuz my soul gone plus I'm modest dough
Lead me wit illogical thoughts like Mister Spock
Wit hip-hoppers fist-fought, I'm in a UFC's wrist lock
What you quote-unquote true MC's in tip-top conditioning
Is he sick? The answer is cancerous
Maligned rhymes straight outta remission
Spit shine, let it glisten, listen
I flip lines beyond bars
When I'm ending-the-pending or when the stars alignin
Until then, I steal wit hearts of mine
Exec Lounge holdin my spine
And three or fo' cars behind, yeah
Coldplay: Kollaboration mit Little Simz
Vor 21 Stunden
Coldplay: Kollaboration mit Little Simz
Encore - E.T.
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