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She Was a Friend of Mine Lyrics


Emma Bunton - She Was a Friend of Mine Songtext

Uh yeah............

I trusted her with him,that's where the story begins.we talked to boys and men,they're all be sectional.i made her sacrifice and trusted all her revise.there was no need to fight.things were so simple by one she broke her promises.i guess she thought that she could take my man.i just gotta let her know:this love is for me! and that's the way the story goes!

She was a friend of mine and so I thought at the could I be so blind to trust her with my man'she fooled em with her eyes and hide behind of the skies.i laid between the lies and now I understand.
Uh oh...yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah.....

She said,she'd make him right and talked to him at night.told me to take it slow,but little didn't I know.she's had a mess to blind and had no getting the scenes.but now it's blamed to see,that she's choosen over me.every day,she smiles in my face,but every night she's tried to take my place.she said,she'd always be right there for me.but now I can see:that kind of help I just don't need.


Never thought friends could be so cruel.never thought she could break all the it's you,that looks like a fool.'cause what goes around,comes around.

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