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I suffered thousand nights,
My spirit cried, I lost my dream,
My sense of life was locked
Beyond a secret silent stream
I was lost in the waste land
Of dwelling in loneliness
Prepared to die, strange visions

Having been my only guests,
But close to the end all my pleas were heard
By a dancing, singing, humming bird
Planet earth became motionless
I was embraced bu devoted breath -
By a gold-princess!

Inexpressable vibrations moved me
When I saw your eyes
No human word can ever tell
How deep I sympathinzed
My heart bled a tear so red
Full of joy and deliverance,

Your spirit and mine
United at once in the cosmic dance
Nubien light, yes it shone so bright
Torture and fight dissappeared that night
Jesus walked through our deserted heart
Nothing on Earth will ever tear us apart -

Now I dance across the secret stream
With angelic elf at my side
Soft siren, you're my resurrection beam,
Beloved face, you are my pride!
While your light caresses my skin
We dwell in oceans of eternity
Your golden aura droens all sin
Forever we are - The blossom and the bee!
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