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Nuh Come Fast Songtext

Wi nuh come faas
When wi drink wi guiness and wi bun grass
Deh pon top a gal dem haffi chump fraat
Gal a scream..."Ahhhhhhhhhhhh"
Just start di job mi nah guh done faas
Very strong mi attack di front part

[Verse 1]
Dis gal a bawl time out
Tiad fi si skin, mi gal style out
Look pon di dresserm boots line out
Guess what's in yuh mind now
Mi a tek mi time, weh yuh a cry bout
Yuh seh yuh coulda manage, weh yuh lie bout
Si deh now it gone in
Now mi haffi mek sure seh it all in
She a halla seh di womba fall in
Girl stop di bawling
Tell yuh odda two fren fi fall in
Yuh kow dis woulda happen from mawning
Top class performing
Knight in shining armour, prince charming
Always have di gal dem bawling
During di storming
A weh yuh seh to mi
Mi beg yuh pardon
Dem pop dung pon di job before a morning


[Verse 2]
Just do di wave dance
Dis a one ya couldn't be nuh lame dance
It and log on couldn't be di same dance
Move yuh tame dance
Bogle build da one deh, a nuh wayne dance
'Ssylum wi deh, dis a nuh fame dance
Nuff a dem a shame dance
Get up everyday and dem a frame dance
Never build nuh style but dem a claim dance
Dis a nuh nuh rain dance
Arm clean, mek dem smell di fragrnace
Only ting wi bun a high grade grass


[Verse 3]
Give it to dem leisure
Suh mi dig di hol, bury di treasure
Elephant a a mek dem feel pleasure
Si guh fi all tape measure
Ask mi if mi borrow from mi bredda
How mi sitten long suh lakka ledda
Gal a fan mi wid fedda
Pon di open air si tek a header
Now di gideon it gettin redder
And dreader and dreader
She seh anytime mi inna di redda
Mi mek shi spin like a propeller

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