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I Walk Alone Songtext

I walk alone where once we wandered
It seems so strange since you are gone
Till you return I'll stay the same dear
I'll still be true and walk alone

By stars above I swear to love you
With all the love I've ever known
While we're apart you'll always own me
When teardrops start I walk alone

The flame of love is brightly burning
You know that I'm your very own
Each night I pray for your returning
But while you're gone I walk alone
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Boris Becker schuldet sogar Freunden Geld
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Album The Tennessee Plowboy and His Guitar, Volume 3

Eddy Arnold
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    You Know How Talk Gets Around
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    Just a Little Lovin'
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    Till the End of the WorldÜbersetzung
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    Save a Little Corner in Your Heart
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    I Wouldn't Trade the Silver in My Mother's Hair
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    That Wonderful Mother of Mine
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    Bring Your Roses to Her Now
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    I Wish I Had a Girl Like You Mother
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    My Mother's Sweet Voice
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    There's No Wings on My Angel
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    The Echo of Your Footsteps
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    Why Didn't You Take That Too
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    That Little Boy of Mine
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    My Heart Cries for You
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    This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You)
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    Don't Rob Another Man's Castle
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    Me Too
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    Little Angel With a Dirty Face
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    I've Got Other Fish to Fry
  21. 21.
    Many Tears Ago
  22. 22.
    I Walk Alone
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    Show Me the Way Back to Your Heart
  24. 24.
    Homesick, Lonesome and Sorry
  25. 25.
    One Kiss Too Many
Eddy Arnold - I Walk Alone
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