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Dru Down talking)*

This DD pimp playa OG Dru Down drawin down on bustas like yoself!
You ain't got no mo crew sucka.
You'se a punk nigga.

Chorus 2x *(Dru Down)*

Mista Busta.
Mista Busta.
since you retired from this rap shit you think it's over?
Didn't want to retaliate but ya made me!
Now I'm goin crazy!

[Dru Down]
Ok now pumpkin heads
is what I give you when you run up against that cap-a-lot
still killa
double, theeese nuts is bigga!
Picture if I
done you like that
talkin behind yo damn back
you dirty, dirty
I'm puttin 'em in ya like I wanna
you'se a gonna
and after that I'm at yo woman's house and I'ma bone her
Is that, that bitch name?
It doesn't matter she likes them faulty flossy niggas anyways
what a way
to go out
and show out
in front of some niggas that got yo ass spooked
like one of my hoes ain't known before
you fake ass nigga
I'm sayin real pimpin here thou
I see through you like glass
won't you kiss my narrow ass
matter fact
Where the mutha fuckin mack in you black?
Never see you on the track
plus I hear you still smokin crack
betta stay where you at
cuz it the Town you fucked
lollipop sucka!
Mista, busta!

*(Chorus)* 2x

[Dru Down]
You showed no love
so of course mutha fucka ain't no love nigga
even though you outta the game I'm bringin it to you mayne
I hope you feel the
Never cross tracks wit railroad tracks
something I can cross back
I, discovered
that you was a
someone who thought his ass was unforgetable
soft like imperial
pancake butta mutha fucka
still small time shittin punks
should put you wit your tapes in the trunk
at Puemont High
was sellin tapes for 5
sold two was coo
hit a couple of corners on the dime
"Krush groovin
Body movin"
shoulda left me alone, but now it's on
next I'm to the dome
Watch me use his punk title
"Cocktail" his whole studio
make sho there's no survivors
stay real
change for no one
Oakland is my city
and Oakland is where my loved ones get some nigga.

*(Chorus)* 2x

[Dru Down]
This fo retaliation on the monkey tryin to talk about me
an folks on that tape and escape, too late
high blood pressure Dru Down
about to draw on that curved dome
need to be
put infront of the whole Oakland fire squad
let 'em start lettin loose
I bet then I'll hear your ass screamin truce
bad news
got lil kids and old folks talkin bout,
"Hey Dru!
You mean to tell me you ain't down wit TOO $HORT now?"
Never been
that's why I keeps breezy in the wind
lookin for infiltraitors
now these other bustas wanna know bout us PARAPHANALIA MOBBSTAS
Oakland imposter
born no, raised a lil baby
that's like you catch it
think it
get rid of the fuckin scavis
shoulda boot ya from the get-go
especially at the Summer Jam when you ain't throw a damn blow
non-shot calla
Don't be the only one laughin
ain't no damn hits, fa real?
But I'ma fix that like yo grill.

*(Chorus)* 2x

[Dru Down]
Mista Busta.

Nigga ain't got away wit nothin!
Bitch made mutha fucka.
Fake ass nigga
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