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World's Child Songtext

World's Child

[Words: Keränen]
[Music: Keränen]

Eternity's long minutes are
Flowing from my hands
Like a dream I run under the sun
Like a dust in the wind I fly

World's child's running
In the winds of the world
Touching the sky flying high
Life's so great, I will not wait
I want it all now

With open mind, open eyes
I went, I saw
And always wanted more
Fire in my heart
Makes me move on
World's child lives so fast life

Temptations of the world
Has occupied my mind
So much, too fast and all of it
I wish this would last

So young, so brave without a line
Time will come to thinks about the life
Today's carousel spins too fast
I can't see the end of the line

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Dreamtale - World's Child
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