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Can You See Songtext
von Dokken

It's not hard to believe
That the world isn't real
When the sun doesn't shine in your eyes
All the time
It's not hard to concede
As we cry and we bleed everyday
We just won't leave
Feel your heart stop
Still alive but you're not
So you scream that you've had enough,
Done enough, said enough

See the reflections of lives that you've changed
As you look in the mirror and try to believe
It's been hard that I know
But I could have told you so
You reap what you sow

Can you see
In my face
All these tears I saved for you
Can you see
It's not right
That our love was never real

Is it right to hold on to the words that we spoke
Even though now that feeling is gone in your eyes
It's been hard to let you go
Even though you found someone new
It's been hard to find
With no peace of mind

Can you see......
Heidi Klum: So steht Leni zu ihren knappen Outfits
Vor 2 Tagen
Heidi Klum: So steht Leni zu ihren knappen Outfits
Aurora Ramazzotti: Sie ist schwanger!
Vor 2 Tagen
Aurora Ramazzotti: Sie ist schwanger!

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Dokken - Can You See
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