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Inside Looking out Songtext

How can I come up (sitting)
How can I come up (sitting)
How can I come up,
From the inside looking out

Sitting in there this kind of jail
Spending all my little time

My driving faster cars
I'm just staying at bars
And about to lose my mind

So I get up to take a shower
For . are everywhere

Saw a trustee eating more than me
And I thought it wasn't fair

And it hurts right here
Stuck in here for a year

Sitting in the county
I'm living in an hourglass
Twiddling my fucking thumbs
Waiting on time to pass

Till my next court date
But if you been to the county
You know you're holding your own fate
In your own hands
About to go in front of the judge
Hoping for a chance
To speak out, and just be heard
To put the scene of the crime in your own words
Thinking witness, man, I doubt to my scenario
Maybe now, but I got one shot
So here I go.
Right now I can't afford to be locked up.
Niggas and the crooks
I keep my dope and that's fucked up
For what I said you know I about to get a gang or time

They found me guilty
And now I'm confined
To an over-crowded cell in the county

For what's my boy said
They billed a hired bounty hunter
To make the most and, you know, stick around
Cause like a beef in the night
I'm damn sure go'n skip town
But who could blame a brother for doing this
But for now I'm on the inside looking out

(Sitting in there this kind of jail)
Sane about to lose my mind

Sitting in the courtroom
I'm staring at the fucking judge
Don't want to plead
Cause I know that I had the drugs
And the justice system is fucked up
Chances of being black and getting off really suck
Cause young black men
Couple of problems
I really
My way
Trying to solve them
Because the judge got me
In oppression
Once in a jail cell
Now I learned my lesson

They found me guilty
And sentenced me 20 to life

They found me guilty
And sentenced me 20 to life
I'm reading page by page
Of the Bible every night

Praying to God to forgive me for my sins
Saying to myself that I'll never do it again
Lying to myself
Now ain't that a damn shame
When I get out this bitch
I'll be jumping back in the game
But for now I better do my time
With good behavior
Walking through the gate my thoughts shout
Cause I'm on the inside out
Cause I'm on the inside looking out.
Feeling bad cause I'm on the inside looking out.

(Sitting in there this kind of jail)
Sane about to lose my mind

Back to the mother fuckin stank
Fuck the dumb shit
Cause this time I'm damn sure
Go'n run the tank
Getting swol' . mother fucker
Thinking about them stank
Ho's coming through this bitch
Dropping niggas by the ankles
And the niggas that's been
Know what I'm talking about
Is my stomach strong enough
To hold this shit
Till I get out
This mother fucker . me
A chamber full of misfits
Three . and a cot
Some hard ass bitch gets
The county's a bitch, boy
That's paranoid as a nigga get
Slap the living shit
Out of a nigga for a cigarette
They got me off the street
Although my life was very fucked up
For jacking for cars
Now I'm jacking for commissary
No time to play bully in the county
Ain't no stars, nigga
Trying to squeeze your head
Through the motha fuckin bars
Bitch take the shoes off your feet
Or even worth it trying to hang you
With the motha fuckin bed sheets
Sleep with your eyes open
If you want to see daylight
Cause when I get out this bitch
I'm damn sure go'n go right
Cause coming up on the street
Is what my life was all about
But how can I come up,
From the inside looking out?

Inside looking out.
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Album The Legend (2001)

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