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To Nomi Songtext
von Dewi

Written by A. Dirkse / D. Pechler
Published by AT publishing / BMG Music Publishing

To Nomi
I try 'n find the words to tell
As many as I, I need to
To know me, it took a while but it gets to me
Listen to me, I hear you

To many nights I'd been wandering around
I couldn't let go, I just had to go down
Baby, this is the moment to say
That you are

Wonderful, You're wonderful
And I'll never let go
Cause I do love you so
You're wonderful, wonderful
Rewind or reverse
For the better of the worse
To Nomi

I'm here now
I can't imagine a day without you
As many as I, I used to
To Nomi
So close to me when I play downtown
I guess you're just meant to be part of me
That you are

Repeat chorus

Sometimes I won't be around
But you're always with me, always be with me
Sometimes i won't sleep at night
Cause I'll be singing, singing this for you

Repeat chorus
GNTM: Fans wütend über Heidi Klums Entscheidung
Vor 22 Stunden
GNTM: Fans wütend über Heidi Klums Entscheidung
Heidi Klum: Sie machte den ersten Schritt
Vor 20 Stunden
Heidi Klum: Sie machte den ersten Schritt

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Dewi - To Nomi
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