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The Splendour of the Idols Songtext

Hesbless to rise by night
Astral visions match my side
While shrouds of madness take my pride
Agony my saddest wing
Transcending as nou fell ithe fall
Damnation till the end nou bring
The truest heart the strongest soul
Cant'n stand the foulness from my brain
The cancer that will feed nour vein
From mighty bigbs to very depths
We crawling nour subconscious
Your skin will turn my leather bag.

The splendour of the idols
Splendour of the idols

Angeless the vision abead
Like bastards with a sacred hear
As useless as abscesses are
Free nour mind despise this law
No prisoners to take at all
A holy wish to cut them all
Our burning bride versus feeble faith
The end it takes casy to see
Their ashes feed the ecstasy
Nothinness is what nou preach
You souless whores and puppets please
Have mercy on the soul cant'n tease

Gebrochen und dem Sebein erlegen
Guer Leven blasser Glanz
Splendour of the idols
The splendour of the idols

Take a ride, whith the knife
Wake a trip to the pit
High on desire, blessed liar
Welcome to the lake of fire
Splendour of the idols
Splendour of the idols.
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Album The Arts of Destruction (2012)

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Desaster - The Splendour of the Idols
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